Invoked: interactive rave flyer and world tour print brochure

Ever since I discovered the rave scene over 10 years ago, I’ve been obsessed with its underlying evocation of a participatory, tribal past. I’ve attended music festivals many times throughout the years since then, and they make me feel like I’m tapping into the true human spirit, in a way that is lost in every day life.

Six years ago, in my graduation year of the York/Sheridan Design Program (YSDN), my final projects, involving both interactive and print components, focused on promoting the participation in this growing culture, with the intent to nurture and grow the community, and recruit like-minded people.

Now, Jeet Kei Leung, in his TED talk entitled Transformational Festivals, has put eloquently the very same ideas and underlying implications of the rave scene that I love, and try to explain to those close to me who ask why I like these music festivals so much. Have look and a listen, then scroll down to see the work I made in this area for my graduating class:


In the 2004-05 school year, my final year in the YSDN course, I decided that my final projects would be:

a) an interactive party flyer that allowed the user to DJ and VJ in a limited setting within the flyer, and gave the user information about the party. Have a look (it’ll take a few minutes to load, but it’s worth it):

invoked interactive party flyer

I’m still very proud of the result: I spent hours coding the video and sound mixers, and while my visual design isn’t agency-quality, it’s pretty damn good for someone who’s never taken a valid art class in her life (okay, I took one art class in high school – we model landscaped the school’s yard in it. Yup. “Art” was suddenly gardening).

b) a print booklet about a tour that takes travellers to parties around the world, allowing travellers to experience both the countries’ traditional cultures as well as the growing culture of connection through communal celebration that occurs at these parties. When you click the image below, a PDF flipbook will load in a new window.

I’m also really proud of the result of this booklet – the tour itself is incredible, my copy is pretty good considering I’ve never taken a marketing course in my life, and the layout and typography are top-notch, with a couple of exceptions (the little swirls on the edges of the booklet aren’t quite what I had in mind for decoration, but they’re okay considering my limited drawing skills). Still, the result is very easy to read, colourful, and engaging.