MEDIA RELEASE / PRESS RELEASE: ACIDO launches the Industrial Design Experience at IDS12

Visitors will try their hand at product design through new app.

Toronto, January 12, 2012. ACIDO (Association of Chartered Industrial Designers of Ontario) will launch the Industrial Design Experience at the Interior Design Show (IDS12) on January 26, 2012.

App Design and Development by Primordial Soup

“We wanted to demonstrate how industrial designers create products around the needs of users,” says ACIDO’s president, Jonathan Loudon. “This exhibit will allow the public to take part in the most fun and creative part of the design process, the conceptualization phase.”
Using an app developed in collaboration with Primordial Soup, a Toronto-based interactive experience design agency, visitors will be able to sketch out their product ideas using an iPad. There will be five different design problems to solve and participants’ drawings will be posted to the ACIDO website. The idea is to highlight user-centric design where the needs of people are critical to creating a new product. Sketches will be drawn in real-time and spectators can watch the action on a large screen.

ACIDO’s objective is to create a greater public awareness of industrial design.

“Every object we use every day had an industrial design process behind it. However, our practitioners are invisible to society. We hope this exhibit will shed some light on how products are conceived,” adds Jonathan Loudon.

The Industrial Design Experience will be part of Offsite Onsite located in the North Building lobby of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. This 10,000 square foot exhibit space will showcase experimental design work from Canada and the US.

The booth was created by Kevin Armour, Christina Habberjam, Jonathan Loudon and Dawn Wintour.

IDS12 will run from January 26 to 29, 2012 and is held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

ACIDO is the voice of industrial design in Ontario. The organization was founded in 1948 and since 1984 has carried a mandate to support the objectives of the profession and qualify its practitioners. ACIDO’s objectives are to strengthen the ties between design and business, create a support community for designers and reach out to other design practitioners in the common goal of creating a better quality of life through design.

Primordial Soup is a Toronto-based interactive experience design agency focused on providing experiential, digitally-enhanced, mediated reality experiences to encourage audience participation and engagement, as well as stimulate the use of cutting edge technologies in everyday life. This practice was founded in 2011 by Art Director, Christina Habberjam and Interface Master Michael Vinogradov.

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